About Me

Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald is a photographer and new media entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington. Matt spent 10 years working for The Bellingham Herald as a photojournalist, Online Project Manager and Multimedia Editor. in 2014, he moved to Seattle and into the commercial photography and multimedia world working full-time for Origin Distribution. In late 2017, Matt opened his own business specializing in photography, video, content creation and multimedia design: EqualMotion.

His life revolves around his dog, family, skateboarding, the outdoors and photography. Creating captivating stories and combining it with imagery to intrigue people to explore a website or discover a new brand. It is something he started doing two decades ago and to this day cannot think of anything he would rather do.

Through capturing photos of products for online stores he started shooting photos of toys from his childhood and has continued to capture more toy photos for fun and to help out with marketing for toy manufacturers and as a social media influencer via MacroToys.

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