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Macro photography is a great way to “get lost” and forget about the trials and tribulations of the real world. It’s fun and relaxing to setup a couple flashes and get creative with a Lego, Transformer or any toy/object lying around. You completely control the subject matter and can shoot whenever you want.

Recent Snaps

Storm Trooper Snow Day In Seattle

It snowed a bit in Seattle last week and I wanted to capture some photos of the snow. Due to the pesky day job I had limited time to capture the snow, so I pulled out some of my LEGO Storm Troopers and had some fun in my backyard.

SH Figuarts Yoda Photos And Review

I have always wanted some of Bandai’s SH Figuarts since the toy quality, detail and articulation look amazing. I finally pulled the trigger and picked up the Star Wars S.H.Figuarts Yoda (Revenge of the Sith) Exclusive from Big Bad Toy Store. I was blown away with the quality here and already started capturing photos. IfContinue reading

MangaFigs – Custom LEGO Minifigures

Sometimes I endlessly scroll and get lost on Instagram. It usually leads to nothing, but a waste of time, but sometimes I stumble across something pretty cool. Wait, was that Trunks from Dragon Ball Z in LEGO form? Voltron!? Link and Zelda!? Yep. Thanks to MangaFigs I found some pretty cool custom mini figures childhoodContinue reading